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Front diff oil seal leak?

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I'm hoping for some input on the difficulty of replacing the front diff outer oil seals. Possibly replace anything else needed while I'm in there (other seals, gaskets, etc...).

I have a 97 T100, 4x4, 3.4L with high mileage (190K). I noticed the other day when I was changing the oil that there is oil leaking from the right side front diff where the side gear shaft enters the diff housing. I am assuming that its the outer oil seal that is the problem. I would rather do the work myself but I wasn't sure how difficult this repair would be or how much a shop would charge. I have tools, although would need to get some of the special tools like the oil seal puller, etc... I am determined, have know-how, and I prefer to do the work myself so I can learn rather than paying someone else to do it.

I have done google searches and forum searches and haven't found much on this topic, sorry if I missed something and am re-posting.

Let me know if any more info is needed to help with input, I can also post some pics it they help too.

Thanks again,
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Are you sure the differential breather isn't clogged? Once it's plugged up...pressure will build up and blow out gear oil from the seals as the differential heats up. Looks like the breather is located on the front of the differential near the 4WD actuator. It should be either a 14mm or 12mm wrench to take that breather off. You might want to think about putting a breather extension hose on there. I have a post about putting one on the rear here somewhere with piccies and part numbers. ;)

Looking up a 1997 T-100 4WD on, the part number fer the seal is 90311-35032. Seal is fer left or right side.

From this is what came up...

9031135032 $13.03 $0.00 $9.41
Front drive axle - Drive axles - Front axle - Output shaft seal
Output shaft seal, t100 - 4wd two piece housing 1995 - 1998

I would recommend that you git a hold of the factory service manual. It has some really good detail on the T-100. I just noticed in the front differential section that it doesn't mention the snap ring fer the side gear shaft until you git to the reassembly section. I guess that's why you'll need a slide hammer to pull that side shaft out of the differential. ;)

Part number fer that snap ring is 90521-29002.

From this is what I came up with...

Item Number MSRP Core Price Price
9052129002 $1.09 $0.00 $0.78

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thanks for the replies Bam, im going to do the diff breather mod, it just sounds like a good idea. ive been away working for the last year so its time to get this oil seal replaced. I picked up the factory service manual, it's awesome! It shows how to pull the diff and replace the seal but it looks like im gonna need some special tools (oil seal puller tool, put oil seal back in tool, and a few others probably, hope they aren't too spendy).

Once I have the diff pulled I will replace anything else that needs it, at least all the seals i guess.

I will take pics as I go through the process in case it will help anyone else.

Then on to replacing the tie rod ends, the rubber bushings are pretty beat up.

Thanks again!
Holy special tools batman!

I read through the FSM on removing the front diff and replacing the oil seals and possibly the bearings if they need it. I shows a different SST for practically every step. Has anyone gone through this process before? Can I get away with not using the SSTs? They aren't cheap but I definitely want to do the work myself so I need to find a way around the SSTs.

Anyone make their own SSTs?
Gear Installs has a lot of piccies and what tools Zuk uses to overhaul thirds with. Check it out and see if it's still something you want to do. You can even contact him to see how much it would cost to do the seal or recommendations on doing it yerself. ;)
Seems that Marlin Crawler has a HD pinion seal but I'm not sure if it will fit the front differential or not. You can contact MC_BigMike and ask (since he's been active in our forums lately). ;)

You can also contact ToyotaPartsMan fer great prices on OEM parts. He's also a sponsor here in the forums. :D
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