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I bought my 96 Hilux 4x4 a few months ago and notices it had a minor dent in the sump. I thought it was from a rock or something, until I went offroad and made it bigger. It became obvious that the dent matches the front diff.

The front leaf springs are almost totally flat, and I suspect that's why the diff smashes into the sump, and the mount where the rod connects to the front of the chassis (forgot its name) smashes into my oil filter (which actually split once).

Does this sound like I need new leaf springs? How flat should the front ones be? Can they be reconditioned? I intend to take them out myself and do the (re)installation myself (and I'll need new bushings, I know :)


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They should have an arch to them.
Don't waste $ having them re-arched, it won't last.
Replace them.
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