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I'm new to this list and new to Toyota: a 2008 Camry SE.

I can't seem to find how to make my front interior light (the dome light between the two personal lights) activate when the doors are open. Rear/backseat dome light works this way, so-long-as the switch is properly set. The owners manual indicates the front interior light is a light, not just decorative. The manual also says it is possible to have the service department custom-set the light so it doesn't come on when the door opens (not a customization I requested.) I made the mistake of asking a busy salesman, and he dismissed it as "not a light."

Any advice will be much appreciated.

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Im not sure how to get it to turn on but it DOES turn on. im guessing you have a sun roof. On that little console thing isnt there a switch? that says something like "ON DOOR OFF" and you switch it to the position you want it to be at.

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Take it to the dealer man and go to the service dept. Dont talk to a sales guy...either;

The bulb is bad for some reason, the light was set by someone to not come on, there is some kind of lighting harness that is not plugged in all the way, or there is no light at all.

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I think ive noticed the same thing with that light.. but never really worried about it too much

Ill check it next time im out there

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Do you have a sunroof???

Models with a sunroof have a light between the two map lights.

Models without a sunroof DO NOT have a light between the two map lights- they just have a dummy plate.
(You don't really need that light- because you have a light above the front seats on the roof.

Models with a sunroof don't have that light above the front seats (because of the sunroof)- so they put the dome light between the two map lights.
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