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Front end woes $$

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My 89 V6 Camry chewed through 2 tires in 15000 miles, the left one ate through all the tread and looked like a slick racing tire, the right one was showing threads all the way around on the inside.
Where can I get cheap or reliable control arm & ball joints from or what after-brand should I get? I think I need to replace the right ball joint and/or control arm.
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And dont forget an alignment. Do you adjust the pressure?
I'm definitely planning on alingment, thats why the left tire slicked out on the one side. I adjusted the air like 50 times, this car really takes allot, but its getting old on me, and it needs everything, like the windows - what do I use for window track lube for example? I'm going to go used Camry shopping this weekend and sell this thing after its fixed. I'll just buy a generic part somewhere this weekend, maybe autozone will have it.
Why dont you just sell it the way it is right now? Whats the point of spending all this money on it and then selling it?

The difference between it in the condition its in right now and fixed will be very small.
It'll be worth more if it goes down the road straight which it does not do right now.
Used G.Y. Aquatreds cost me $35, part will be about $35 and its ready to go again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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