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Front Lip: Tell me what you think...

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So I did a quick photoshop to see if see what would look better:

Option 1: Blue car Black Lip
Option 2: Blue car Blue Lip

Voice your opinions!

And before anyone ask... Neither car is mine and the lip can be found on ebay as well as other body kit retailers. I'm just trying to figure out what looks better before I buy it. Thanks.
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x2 :disappoin
Are you guys not seeing the pics? It works on my computer. I'll try uploading again...

Here are the links to the pictures on my picasa site:

and here I'll try to repost them...

Tell me if it works now and what you think looks better :D
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idk, black looks ok, hard to say from that pic
I'd say blue looks better, looks closer to factory. The black looks like its just added on to your car, or are trying to cover up damage, its the only thing black on your car basically.
Blue looks better unless it is carbon fiber. Where did you get the TRD badge? Looks cool
^Well.... it's not my car but try ebay.

The only reason I'm considering the black is that I'm also gonna black out the emblems, be black rims, and black out the head lights. So actually there will be a good bit of black on the car. I do thank you for the opinion though!
a black lip would match a black cf hood.
just don't get the vis cf hood, sorry to the people that have it but it looks like garbage imo, doesn't fit right
Blue looks great. Black would only look good if you do the black mods you mentioned or go with a black and blue theme like Wonderboy did (Roof, Side view mirrors, wheels)
I like the black one looks more unique
Gloss black just looks odd. If you want gloss, go blue.

Or carbon fiber it. Then you'll have a good look and it'll be black.
Since your Corolla is blue, then get blue. :)

IMO, black screams "I got a bodykit/lip/etc. but can't afford a paint job".
Since your Corolla is blue, then get blue.

IMO, black screams "I got a bodykit/lip/etc. but can't afford a paint job".
Although, the black is gloss, not matte. So it really doesn't. Blue.
blue on blue :thumbsup:
So it seems the majority like just the blue and I think thats what I'm gonna go with. However, to go along with my black/blue theme, I'm considering putting on some carbon ifber splitters under the bumper (not the kind on the sides). I'll post some pics when I get everything painted and installed. Hopefully within the next month or so.
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