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Front Passenger Window on 95

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My front passenger window will get stuck and not go down. This is not an everyday thing, it will work for a month or so and then it stops going down again. I just pulled the door panel and could not see any issues or loose wires. When I would push the button, I could her the motor trying to operate, but it would not budge. It seems like the rail might be stuck. Any suggestions without having to replace the rail?
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penetrating oil can work wonders. douse it good as you operate it, up and down...
Are you able to jostle the window around? Is it loose in its track? I had a window that would operate slowly and eventually stopped, thought the motor was bad, but decided to take a look before ordering any parts. Turns out that the two bolts that hold the glass to the rail were loose, tightening them eliminated slack in the rail and worked wonderfully.
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