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Front Seat Laptop Mount?

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I read a couple old threads about laptop mounts, but wasn't sure if anyone had ended up doing anything. I was thinking about doing a carputer setup, but until I figure out how I would go about leaving the HU and having a touch scren I thought I would just install a laptop on a need to use basis.

Before any of you even say anything about having a computer in the front...I WON'T BE USING IT, PASSENGER ONLY...

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had put one in and happened to have some pictures of it. I did some searching around on Google for them, and saw the ones that mount to front seat bolts...however since I want temporary I'm hoping that the pole that comes up is removable and just the base could be left full time.

If anyone has some pics or thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them


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Check with Itronix (General Dynamics) Computers Go Book - they make rugged computers for police / military, etc. There's a vehicle mount kit available that might be able to be adapted to it - don't know how permanent it is. (
Check out this site... they do some cool stuff.
Might be able to loose the bulky laptop and mount ornot waste money on the mount... have seen them and they are pretty expensive.
yes...I spend lots of time on Thats kind of why I have this extra computer...I've thought about doing a full on in screen system, but I don't want to lose my HU and I'm having a tough time trying to figure that out with our limited dash space.

I'll keep up the search on the mounts...and maybe figure something out
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