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2002 toyota corolla I need to change my wheel bearings and I keep getting conflicting stories on what to change.
1st how do I remove the wheel hub
2nd do I need to replace the hub and the bearings or can I just replace the bearings and keep the old hubs.
3rd what special tools would i need to change the bearings.

Thanks in advance


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If the rear bearings, the hub and bearing are replaced as a unit. The front bearing is a one-piece outer race and two-piece inner. You will to take off the steering knuckle and press out the hub, then outer bearing race. Then remove one outer race from the hub with a puller. The new bearing is pressed in, then the hub. If you don’t have a press, you can take the assembly and bearing (with new dust seal) to a shop.

Go to the site and find the bearing to what it looks like.

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You want to know special tools, but maybe if you let us know your mechanical abilitites. You will need all the regular tools, plus breaker bar, torque wrench. You will need to know how to put the brakes back together, and bleed them.

I have found on a high milegage car, if you pull the front hubs, and you have high mileage on the half-shafts, if you don't replace them, after you put the new bearings in, the boots on the half-shafts tend to fail soon after, if they are high mileage, simply because fo the flexing they will be put through while you work on removing and replacing the hub. You may not have half-shaft boot failure for a few months after the work on the bearing/hub.

Also, to pull the bearings and races, there is a clip in there which need to be pulled to press the bearings out. I don't remeber if I used a special tool to pull the clip out, but it's hard to do.

If you don't take them to a shop to have them pressed in and out, you wil need a 5 lb, hammer to beat them in and out, and it is a very hard job. So, have a shop do it like others have said.

I also have to do this job again because I neglected to do the right side while I did the left side wheel bearing. It has slack in it. Don't pull the hald-shaft out unless you plan on replacing that too, or you wil need a new Seal where the half-shaft goes into the trans.

You will need some high temperature wheel bearing grease for the bearing. They come pre-greased, but having more on had is imporatant because when you put the bearing and races in you can lose some of the pre-lubed grease. and before you put the seals in make sure there is plenty of grease.

I also used the Loaner Tools from AutoZone ( ) for pulling and pressing the bearing seals.

You can buy a whole kit which includes the hub and bearings, but you shouldn't need a new hub, unless the old one is damaged. It's pure hell pressing the old ones off and new ones on without a press. You have been warned.

Have a shop do the pressing of the old and new bearings.

While you are doing them, might as well put new brakes on if your brakes are more than 1/2 way through their life cycle. And you plan on keeping the car. get high quality brake pads. Don't skimp. The cheap ones suck bad and wear out extremely fast.


If you are not experienced and don't have the time for this and don't trust yourself, have a decent shop do the work.

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retiredat44 has replied much in details...Tks.

Special tools needed

refer autozone detailed drwaing

1) Snap Rring Remover Plier
Alternatively tou may use chisel-pointed long-nose plier to remove snap-on ring.

there is a clip in there which need to be pulled to press the bearings out. I don't remeber if I used a special tool to pull the clip out,
2) Bearing Puller / Axle Hub Puller Kits.
This kit will pull out the axle hub from steering knuckle, and bearing outer race might be sticky to axle hub. You need two jaw type (inner bearing) to remove bearing outer race.

To remove bearing and inner race from steering knuckle you need proper sized mallets and bearing puller.


3) High Temperature - Lithium based Wheel bearing Grease

In my openion

1) You may buy complete axle-hub and steering knuckle assembly with bearing either new (approx. $150~200) or used one with low mileage and replace it. IN CASE OF USED ONES, MAKE SURE BEARING ARE OK WITHOUT NOISE OR PLAY.

2) You may remove your steering knuckle and axle hub assembly, buy a new bearing and high temp grease and visit pro-mechanic shop who can press-fit the bearing with proper press rather than beating or cutting it by gas-cutter.

3) You may carry-out complete job with proper tools and proper knowledge without beating bearing in 'n' out with hammer coz beating type replacement will not go long.

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