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frozen lines

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Does anyone have any remedies for frozen fuel lines? I just got mytruck back from the paint shop and within the last week in the cold mornings it was haed to start. Meaning it would start but then stall. Usually it did this twice and then would stay running. But thie morning I went out and it would try and fire but it wouldnt. It is exceptionally cold this week(right around 5 degrees. Any help taken.
91 4x4 22re motor:confused:
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your lines are actually frozen? gas should be able to get a lot colder than that before it gells up. Perhaps you have water in your gas? you can add a fuel conditioner to try to get any water out of the tank and it will help keep it from gelling up to a lower temp. I assume you have no garage to warm the truck up in? Truckers use BBQ charcoal in a aluminum tray to thaw their tanks if they gell up. You could do the same thing, just make sure there are no flames left
^ but truckers also use diesel, which isn't flamable, it's combustable. gasoline is BOTH, and i wouldn't get any flames/heat anywhere near it if i didn't have to. chances are that his CSI (cold start injector) isn't working properly, or the time switch for it is malfunctioning. try checking the diagnostic trouble codes.

it's not your fuel freezing. it's been much colder than that here, and i've NEVER had a problem with my truck not starting. EVER.

its been below zero here for a week now with a daily high of -10 without the wind, today was -28 with wind and i havent had a issue, i just use isoprople (sorry cant spell) or Heet shit works for me mabye huff it with a little starter fluid? then stay on the gas pedal for awhile? i dunno just guessin
I don't know about where you live, but around here there is 10% ethanol in our fuel and since they changed to that we have not seen any issues with water in the fuel. It's like adding gas line "antifreeze" to every tank.

How are you sure that "frozen fuel lines" is the condition that is making your truck hard to start?
Did ya try a match?

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How about a garage? :D
how about a capasitter?
your favorite teddybear?

...what a buncha [email protected]$$e$....aren't helping you much, are we?!?:D
Well I just got home and got it startedIts running rough and a good amount of white smoke. I also notice a little smoke on the drivers side of valve cover with a little spitting sound. could I have blown a head gasket? I shut it down when I saw that!!! Please help!!
sounds like your head gasket is deteriorating, leaking into the cylinder and squirting out the side.

although im about as useful as a pocket on a shoe when it comes to diagnosing things
compression test!

Definitely compression test...

Where was the smoke coming from?
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