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19" 2-piece Work Euroline KH
5 X 114.3
offset +38
Finish: Chrome w/ polished lip

Brand new 225/40 19 Nankang NS-II tires

New these wheels went for over 850 each. No curbage, in good condition. Could be rechromed to look perfect, but still look great. I love my old wheels too much to keep these! lol

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Contact: either pm or email: ghser7 at hotmail dot com

some b/s ratings from an old car forum, hopefully this works:

$1200 obo + shipping updated 9/22/10


Goes Against The Grain
02 Camry SE V6
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Did you not just get these and put them on????

Why selling already?

Can you add your location and all that good stuff too please.
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