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Can't keep this anymore due to unfortunate circumstances. I've got a lot into this, but all I'm asking is what I bought it for- $4,500 OBO Located in Columbus, OH.

Please contact me via PM with questions or request for specific pictures, thanks!

Quick rundown:

Bought this car almost 2 years ago from a gentleman in SoCal with a 3TC/2TG hybrid and it pretty much went south 2 days of driving it... Swapped it out for a 20v 4AG and haven't looked back. Car has come a long way but still needs a lot of work before it's road worthy. Has always been kept in storage and only came out once for a HIN car show here in Columbus.

Rebuilt 20v ST 4AGE
TRD 0.3mm headgasket
Genuine Toyota Piston rings
Genuine Toyota Bearings
Genuine Toyota Valve Seals
4" ITB stacks
waterline converted to RWD
AE86 subframe
AE86 T50 tranny
AE86 Rack & Pinion
AE86 Tilt Column
AE86 Radiator
TRD Rad Cap
BV tierod spacers
Shaved gas door and trunk cylinder(hidden latch to open trunk)
16x8 +0 XXR wheels with new tires on the rear
Hurst Shift knob
Welded rear diff
Quad headlights
Shortened stock bumpers
FRP TE72 Chin Spoiler
T3 Coilovers with TRD Shocks
T3 Camber plates
Ebay harness bar
Custom 4 point roll-bar
Custom Aluminum door panels
Corolla GTS seat(passenger)
Custom gauge cluster
Twin in-line fuel pumps
Battery Cut-off on trunk
5 gallon fuel cell in trunk

I'm keeping FC oil cooler and sparco seat has since been sold.. Pretty much what you see is what you get