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FS: 1986 Toyota Celica GT-S

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1986 Toyota Celica GT-S

- 2.0L I-4 with T-VIS
- 5 spd. manual transmission
- Dark grey exterior
- Dark grey interior with two-tone grey seats
- 14" 'Snowflake' alloy wheels
- 4 wheel disc brakes
- Power lumbar/bolster driver seat
- Cruise Control
- A/C (does not currently work)

It has 191,000 kilometers on it, but doesn't look like it. It runs good, but I believe that it burns a little bit of oil. I have all the service/maintenance records from the original/previous owner, it was also rust proofed by the previous owner. Although it does have some minor surface rust on the passenger rocker, near the rear wheel well, and at the bottom on the rear bumper. It has a fairly new alternator, and a refurbished radiator. The interior is very clean. I also have a FSM, and Haynes manual that will be included for the right price. Overall condition is very good for its age.

Delivery can be arranged.

Price: $2300.00, as-is
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bump for U

any pics by the way
Den said:
bump for U

any pics by the way
Thanks, here is a pic of it...

If anyone wants some more pics, I can email them.
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BUMP again

Give this clean ride a new home~!
I wish i had the money... I miss my celica...
I was wondering if this car is still avaiable?
snertdog1 said:
I was wondering if this car is still avaiable?
Yep, STILL for sale.
Nice ride, more pics would do justice. :)
Send me some more pics [email protected] im interested and I will have the money sometime very soon.
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