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Ok, finished replacing BHG & everything is back together correctly.
Ignition timing is off and idle is wobbly, a $15 fix with a timing gun.

Would love to work with it, but college is suckin up all my time. Have invested $2300.00 in the car. My loss ur gain!

-Brand New steering rack (20 miles since install).
-New Everstart battery.
-New wipers all around.
-Recent oil change
-New tires
-Excellent interior
-Used complete Fel-Pro gasket set for the BHG job
-130K miles, very low for the year.
-Hyperwhite sealed beam headlights and fog light bulbs
-Automatic Transmission
-Power everything (exc. driver's side window button)
-Still have OEM floormats, with nearly spotless OEM carpet
-Extra parts: head unit, interior pieces, some other stuff...

There's two rust spots on the door and two on the fenders. The driver's door is pretty bad. But, thats what i get for living in the chicago area. Scratches on the body from previous owner. Could use a new coat, and trip odom. is frozen. Kinda weird...

So if there is someone out there willing to take it off my hands...$1300 obo will do it.

Let me know if you are interested: reply here, or e-mail at
[email protected].

Thanks for your interest!

I have included several pics (sorry for the lousy cameramanship - if thats a word :whatthe:.

I'm going to have my buddy check out the ign. timing. If it is straightened out, I'll let every1 know.

I am in Streamwood. Suburb, about 20 miles from Chicago.

Unless you have a timing gun and intend on adjusting the ign. timing at pick up (I wouldn't recommend driving it with the ign. timing off. It can damage the motor) trailering it would be a good idea.

Offers anyone?:D

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I am interested but I am in Oklahoma and haven't finished my eclispe that I am selling to buy a supra. I have a timing gun so thats a 5 min fix for me. Just timed 2 celicas to 10 deg. instead of 5 for a little extra power.

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This is a series of photos that shows the rust that it on the vehicle. There are several spots on the front fenders, driver's door, and the rear 1/4 panels.

The following shows all of them:

Front fenders will need to be patched

Rear fenders are just forming and can be sanded/bondo'd no prob.

Driver's door is forming, but can be sanded/bondo'd no prob.
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