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FS: 1988 celica turbo st-165 ontario

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This car is very quick, it has many upgrades to the engine, clutch, exhaust and turbo system. I'm not sure how accurate the G-Tech was when i put it on but it consistantly ran 13.4 to 13.5 1/4 mile at 109-110mph at 12psi of boost. In any case, it is definately in the 13's and can easily light up the tires even though it is 4wd.

It has many new parts such as rad, heater core, tires.

The engine was rebuilt in 1998 by the previous owner, in Miami, and being a Florida car there is no body rust, only some rusting on the edge of the sunroof panel.

Motor: Built 1988-spec All-Trac 3S-GTE
Headwork: port & polish with 3-angle valve job
Pistons: JE forged standard bore for MR-2
Rings: Total Seal to JE's specs
Rods: Shot-peened stocks
Crank: Stock
Bearings: Genuine Toyota
Gaskets: Fel-Pro
EGR Removed
T-VIS Removed
Air Conditioning Removed
Power Steering Removed
Turbo: Turbonetics T04E-46 compressor on a Stage II T3 turbine
Wastegate: TiAL 38mm
Boost Control: GReddy PRofec A
Blow Off Valve: GReddy Type S
Intercooler: Custom Spearco Air/Air front mount with mandrel bent piping
Ignition: Stock
Exhaust: 3" mandrel-bent turbo back and no cats with 3" Dynomax Ultraflow muffler
HKS Fuel Cut Defenser
Broward Clutch and Redline tranny oil
Battery relocated to trunk
custom st-184 shifter (shorter than 165) with sparco knob
Hood has twin-vents over turbo, and front bumper was opened up for the Intercooler.

needs struts/springs BUT parts car has em, still in good shape.
needs sway bar links, and rear suspension bushings replaced. not expensive, just time consuming.
no power steering so it is HEAVY, but you get used to it
interior mostly stripped down, but parts car has all parts except rear plastics and headliner (parts car has no sunroof).
headlight panels need paint, as do front and rear bumpers.

You get a parts car with it, which has been mostly stripped down. parts include:
interior panels,carpet, etc.
engine, transmission, drive shafts, prop shaft, gas tank, suspension, brakes. (engine has spun rod bearing)
It also comes with 3 sets of wheels/tires
1 set of 16" ACT aluminum rims, black with silver lip, with brand new Pirelli p7000 supersport tires, 2 sets of stock 14" wheels One with Toyo Observe GS2 snow tires (one winter) and One with Sumitomo's, in decent shape.

This car could be put back to street trim in a day, no problem, or strip it further, get some DMS suspension, weld in a cage, and go racing!

odo showing 117400 miles, have all reciepts for work done on car. regular maintenance schedule followed.

PRICE is $5,000 US, or $6500 Canadian OR WILLING TO TRADE for 600cc sport bike of equil value, or supermoto (motard) & cash

I have more pic's of the car, just email me [email protected]
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OMG Mike I cant belive your selling your Trac - why?

I dunno, kinda bored with it. i dont want to drive it this winter, because it has no rust and i want to keep it that way but i really have no where to put it, and i have lots of other projects that need time/money too.
i'm not going to cry if it doesnt sell though, i'm more than happy to keep it...
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