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I have owned this car for a little over a month now, but decided to buy another AE86 just yesterday.

1989 Camry Sedan
2.0L 3s-fe 4cyl engine
5 spd
power windows, locks, mirrors
tilt steering
cruise control
Panasonic MP3 deck
8.5L/100km city driving

310,xxx km but it does not burn a drop of oil. I've put 3,500km on it and haven't added oil at all and it's still topped up. The compression is strong on all cylinders. I'll do a compression test tomorrow and take photos of the gauge for interested people to see. Either this engine was rebuilt at some point or it has had extraordinary care taken of it.

The car had a misfire when I bought it and it turned out to be a bad plug wire(s) so the car has brand new plug wires, platinum plugs, distributor cap and rotor.

The bad stuff. Some rust on the fenders, but that's to be expected with a 16-year old Japanese car. One CV joint clicks a bit when the wheel is cranked, but it drives fine otherwise. There was an issue with the electric heater controls (heat would switch off after about 20 min of driving) but I have purchased a new control unit and fixed the problem.

Other than that, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me on here. I will have photos up tomorrow.

Asking price is $1,600obo.

Email at [email protected]


Edit: The car is located in Edmonton.
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