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I have decided to have a new car as a daily driver (namely a
Scion Tc), I ordered this car on Friday but may not get it until
middle of November. I am hoping to keep this car until I get
the Tc but thats not 100% necessary

Car has all options but leather seats (cloth seats are in excellent condition)
and is located in Columbia, MD

Pictures and details can be seen at:

More questions can be answered via email ([email protected]) or
phone ( 410 730 0264)
Tim Plessing
1990 ST185 grey/grey cloth, 122K, daily driver (for sale soon)
1990 ST185 blue/blue cloth 152K, under construction
1993 MR2-T blue/black leather 57K
1993 MR2-T SMG/black leather 139K (SOLD)

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wow...your car looks mint...good luck on the sale..

userlain:..its already hard to find a mint celica for 2000 and you're talkin bout an alltrac here and you're saying that it's not worth more than 2k??...:rolleyes:
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