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color in rouge, minimal rust, $1200 obo.
selling for my auntie, i never driven it.
has all maintainence record, receipts, she even record every oil change... she knows nothing about car and she even change air filter every oil change :lol:

300,000 KM, but engine runs smooth as silk and tranny shift as fast as new car. seriuosly i never seen a car with such milage run that smooth and quiet...

new exhaust system with lifetime warrenty, new rear shocks, new timing belt done, tranny fluid changed, all electricity rewired @ toyota dealer :confused: , there are much more things is done... she should get rid of the car before all this works :rolleyes:

anyway, this car has long long life to go. the mechanical part of this car is surpreme, if you can acept the minimal rust. add extra $300 i can change both front fenders for you.

i just certed and etested the car, but i forgot to check insurance... :disappoin

thats why i'm selling... i was gonna use this car for winter...
well, this is a very reliable car people :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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