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FS: 1990 Toyota Camry

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Hey guys im moving to Puerto Rico, so my SV-21 Camry has to go.

145,000 Miles
New Drive Axle
Replaced A/T Transmission
New Alt/AC Belt
LE Camry Speedo w/ Tach (amber light)
Front Left Side Damage
Has '91 Black Rims w/ Recent Tires
Also Includes 2 Drag Rims (see sig, not in the best of shape)
The AC Turns the comp. engages then after 5 sec. the comp. shuts off and the AC light blinks. The system has freon and was re did on Feb 2005 (have reciepts)

The car itself is a good transportation vehicle that gives 200 to 230 miles per gallon and a very inexpensive 3SFE engine. The car does have a small oil leak. But the majority of the problems are basic and all dut to the abuse the car recieved when it was stolen!!

Im asking 750 and im open to offers!!

This has to go!! Im leaving on the 10th or 12th and I need the money for my coupe in Puerto Rico

Car is in Miami, FL
(786)486-5335 or [email protected]

Will post pics tomorrow or monday! Look at my cardomain site in my signature to get a general Idea!


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