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FS: 1990 Toyota Cresta 2.5 GT, Auction grade 4B, Salt Lake City, Utah....$11,500

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Well It's that time folks. I began importing for the sole intention of owning and driving my dream cars. I started with a S13 Silvia, then the Cresta and now I think it's FJ80 time.

I spent quite of bit of time following the 25 year bubble prior and post and I am certain this is one of, if not THE cleanest JZX81's stateside. I waited a long time to find this girl and adored every mile with her. She is a true time capsule. A turbo luxury sedan of Japanese economic late 80's early 90's muscle and over engineering.

I brought her over January, 2018 with 25K original, JIVEC verified miles. She now sits at 31,500 miles. Since owning her I have given her 3k oil, filter and air filter changes as well as new plugs at 28K. I removed and serviced the ISCV (Idle Speed Control valve) as they have tendencies to freeze up from sitting for so long sometimes causing rev hunting issues (non of that with her), I also removed the ECU and replaced five leaky capacitors of the appropriate rating and sizes ( common in old ECU's and especially the JZX platform.)

I think the price is more than fair for an all original JZ-GTE example seeing as heavily molested examples are fetching higher prices. Feel free to call, text or email and we can discuss. USD only and I'd be happy to help with shipping in the Western united states.

Here is a link to a local classified she is listed in with a very detailed photo gallery and description.

I fell in love with this car and treated her as such. Always garaged and I am adamant in finding her a home with respectable intentions.

Thanks for looking!!!