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Copy from my local posting as well.
*** EDIT: Price Drop $3250*****

I have for sale a 1991 Toyota Camry DX V6 5 Speed Manual. What you are looking at is one of the few rare and remaining factory stock V6 5 speed manual transmission combinations. Manufactured in 1991, this car came with the highest option DX power package and the 160HP/ 160 lb/ft torque 2VZFE 2.5L V6 engine and the E52 5 Speed synchronized manual transmission.

I have owned the vehicle for about 3 years now; when I purchased it the car was from an elderly owner who traded it in to a dealer where it went to auction.

I have modified the turn signals to operate on the corner lights now instead of the bumper mounts (ready for fog light installation), brass shift bushings in replace of the worn rubber ones, and the Toyota AFM mod (two clicks CW) with a bump from 10 degrees base timing to about 13 degrees base timing. This car requires premium gas to run due to the engine leaning and aggressive timing.

The list of the good of the car far outweighs any of the bad. Keep in mind most of the car is brand new regarding the drivetrain. My loss is your gain. When I purchased the car I immediately replaced the 12 rod bearings to avoid any trouble due to the lack of confidence in the previous owners care. The engine has otherwise been untouched besides normal maintenance:

The Good:
The Interior of the car is IMMACULATE
Exterior is a good 7/10 for being 25 y/o
Frame Straight
Sound Deadened floorboards

The good NEW:

OEM Clutch Kit
OEM Oil Seals (Cam seals, valve cover gaskets, Rear Main, Front Main, Dizzy Oil Seal)
OEM Timing Belt Kit w/ Water Pump
OEM P/S Suction Hose
Aftermarket P/S Pressure Hoses
Inner and Outer Tie Rod ends
OEM Spark Plug and Igniter Wire Set
OEM Distributor Cap & Rotor
OEM Transmission Axle Seals
Transmission oil (mix of 85W90 and Syncromesh)
OEM Coolant
Mobil 1 5W30 H/M
P/S Fluid (Dextron V)
Empire CV Axles
OEM Axle Shields
OEM Passenger Half Shaft Carrier Bearing
Aftermarket Soft Brake Lines
Aftermarket Clutch Soft Line
OEM Clutch Master Cylinder
OEM Slave Cylinder

The Bad:

The car is no corner burner, it will need new struts. I was going to throw on some B&G lowering springs with some Sachs struts but never got around to it. Very comfortable ride, but it is boaty. For most people it is going to be sufficient, but to tighten up steering response I would recommend the above combination.

Rust, there is some cosmetic rust on the undercarriage, around the rear window, and the rear wheel arcs. I have repaired about 90% of what I could get to, but for a 25-year-old northeast car it is in better condition than a majority of mid era 2000’s cars on the road here today. The new brake lines is a big plus IMO.

Transmission, it is tired. The syncromesh fluid is a bandaid to the worn 2nd and 3rd synchronizers. It is not hard to get a replacement E153 transmission to put into the car, never got around to it. It by no means affects the actual drivability of the car, but makes it a bit more “old school” in requiring the occasional double clutch downshift into 2nd and some more than desired force to shift into 2nd and 3rd with slight crunch feeling.

Car will be sold AS-IS, feel free to pm or reply. I have a whole volume of photos of the car during various stages of repair and modifications if you feel so inclined to view them. Itll make mine and your life easier to just follow my profile threads or my photo bucket account, its all there lol.


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