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My sister has moved out of our house, so we are selling her car.
It is a 92 Mecury Topaz GS, with a 2.3L I4 engine.
The car is in relativly good condition, the paint has started to fade on the hood, and there are one or two areas of suface rust, and there are various scratchs, and dings around the car, and the rear drivers side tail light is broken (just the red plastic the bulbs still works). But the body and frame are still very solid.

The car runs good, still pulls strong and seems to be in great working order. The Automatic transmission, still shifts strong, but there is a very slight "clunk" when the tranny shifts. But the car still drives well.

There is only 113,218km on it currently, very low kms. Has had a recent oil and filter change (about 500km ago), and transmission fluid and filter change (about 20km ago). Also the front tires are about a year old, and rears are about 2 years old. Also a brand new exhaust was just installed from the cat back.

Interior is clean, and pretty nice. has a glass moon roof, and a grey interior.

Here are some pictures:

This would make a great student car, or used as a winter beater, so your toyota can stay garaged and clean.

Unfortunatly the day my sister moved out insurance was cancelled on the car, so we cant have any test drivers.

Im located in Windsor, Ontario.

Asking price for the car is: $800cnd OBO
(car is being sold AS IS, since it is not certified, but i dont think it'll need anything to pass, and it passed emissions no problem last year)

Please pm or email me with any questions.
My email is: [email protected]

Thanks for your interest

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TOOOOPAAAZZZ heh i have one of these for my winter beater this year they sure come equiped power windows locks seats even got mine for 200 bucks good luck selling it

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97 camry xle said:
haha you must be a voleyball pro by now :D

My roommate used to have a Topaz GS before he bought his Corrado G60. That Topaz had to be the slowest car I have ever driven. So slow, it literally makes you angry when you try to pass people because they will be at half throttle and leaving you while you floor it.:disappoin
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