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Hey All,

I posted on here a few months ago in regards to any tips on modding an AC into a non-ac 1992 Previa.

I got one nice offer for a straight up trade with a previa with AC, but I would have lost my precious All Trac and manual gear box.

Which leads me to this sad day where I have finally decided to get a new car, and sell my Previa. I am posting here first as I know there will be more folks who will appreciate it.

I am thinking 2,500 would be a fair price but am willing to consider options since there are a few projects that'd have to be done, and I imagine this car will need to make it's way west somewhere, so a transportation arrangement will have to be worked out.

The Long and Short of it:
The car has been in my family since it was purchased new in 1992, the title was transferred from my father to me a few years ago. It lived in Seattle until then and has been out in New York with me since, and the summers out here are intolerable without the AC, this is why it must go back somewhere more temperate.

There have been no major collisions with the car but there is body damage, my mother tried backing out of the garage a long time ago while forgetting to open the garage door. My sister took a turn too sharp and scraped the right side of the car from the front all the way to a dent/tear in the rear right quarter panel right up against the sliding door. I've been sanding and primering this to keep rust away, as I don't have the skills to repair it. I pulled and hammered the dent out, it's not pretty looks like the car was shot. The final major thing is a dented front bumper, the actual metal undercarriage is what's dented, the cover is fine but it's missing the foam absorber. These parts are still easily found, and I would have replaced it myself if i was looking to keep it, the bumper was dented in a reverse/forward mixup on a hill when backing out of a driveway, and the front end wound up kissing a trucks tow hitch.

The engine idles a bit rough at stops, i've been told this is due to the accessory drive shaft needing servicing, i had a new coupler installed but it didn't entirely fix the rough idle.(forgive me i've forgotten all of the terms for that repair, coupler, not sure if that's right), but the engine is running great at 177,000 or so miles when driving, the throttle sticks a bit and i have to double tap it to get it to disengage, it sticks around 2500 rpms, not an issue with the manual gearbox.

Part of the instrument panel backlighting is dead, would require a simple bulb change but you'd have to disassemble it.

It's definitely got a few things that would need done, I'll put fresh tires on it, already ordered some michelin's, and the front shocks/struts should be switched out, they took a beating in the pot hole universe of brooklyn.

The Color is Ice Blue and I have a few OEM things of paint i got whenever i got around to fixing that dent.. which has yet to happen and should probably be left for more skilled hands then my own.
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