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Bought in Lexus Kendall Dealership in Florida back in 1997; we are the second owner. It had 33k on the car. Now it has about 171k. It's the dark green color and tomorrow I will take pictures. It has new two-tone leather front and rear matching interior color. The floor matting on the floor was replaced as well.

It has double-din clarion cd/casette player with a clarion 6-disc changer in the trunk. The changer can be changed from the headunit. It has remote starter and alarm, but horn for alarm is not working I believe. Keyless entry and K&N filter. It has full wood grain kit all around. Oil changed was done y myself every 3,000 miles with Mobile 1 Full Synthetic (5 quarts) and 1 quart with Lucas Oil Stabilizer treatment with Mobile 1 Oil filter. I also used Z-Max (Not sure if you guys are familiar with it) every other oil change in the transmission, engine oil, gas, and power steering. It has 35% tint all round. Title is clean, no lien, and no major accidents. The paint is in great condition for it's age. No fading or what not. It was detailed this summer for $200.00. Wetsanding, wax and etc. A/C blows out hot and cold at your given command. Muffler, suspension, brakes, are in good condition. Custom 9005 low beams at 100W and hyper white fog light bulbs as well. The tires are in great condition Yokohoma AVS 16" with 80%-85% thread life. Full spare, jack, manuals, three keys, tool set in the back.

Here are the imperfections of the car. It has lil scratches on the rear bumpers in the corners in the back and front. Pics will show everything about the cars exterior. The check engine light is on due to EGR valve, been like this for 2 years and does not affect passing the emission test or driving. The antenna works but recently does not go up and down because a lose screw inside does not pull it straight down.

The car is basically in good condition. Nothing major to change if purchase. Feel free for test drive if around the neighborhood. It is family owned but my parents and never raced or abused. We now have 2005 4Runner and 1999 GS.

Any questions please feel free to ask? Best way to contact me is my cell phone 917-295-1357 or PM me.


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