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FS: 1995 Nissan 240SX

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For sale:
1995 240sx LE
- Red exterior w/ black interior
- Leather seats
- JVC Kameleon CD Deck (not MP3) with remote.
- 2 sets of rims (stock with winters and ADR 17" rims but will need new tires)
- no rust (rustproofed yearly)
- 159,000 Kms
- 5spd
- no modifications made other than drop in K/N air filter.
- new spark plugs
- Redline Synthetic used for transmission and differential.
- must be seen.

Things that are of concern:
- Crack on the passenger side windshield
- remote entry does not work

Located in Scarborough
Asking for CAD$9500 obo call me at 647-272-1010 or pm me.

Click on Link to see pics.

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thanks for the bump. Sorry, can't part out the deck.
Will try to post pics up. Can't seem to be able to find any with the car clean.
Link to pics added. Thanks for your interest.
If you were selling this back in Aug/September I would have bought it right away but I already found a car :( but I'm loving my current ride.
free bump, i heart zenki s14.

kouki is gay.

Looks like it was well cared for.
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