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hey guys,

I'm selling both of these cars for my friend. He wants to get a new car.

1994 Acura Integra LS:

White Colour
fully loaded
Clifford starter and 2 way paging alarm w/ lcd remote.
New Timing Belt, New Battery, New Alternator, New Brake Line and Pad.
Custom Leather Interior
Full Exhaust System
Very Mint Condition.
Highway-Kilometers 310,000km


1995 Honda Prelude SRV

Car was paint white less than half a year ago. No rust.
around 240km.
CompuStart starter with pager alarm
mp3 deck
AC works!!!
sunroof works
comes e-tested
orginal SRV rims
will come with SR cloths seats (he gave me his leather seats as a bonus for selling his cars for him. )

$4000 (this is a steal)

All appointments will be available this sunday only. We will schedule everyone to come on sunday. first person that offers asking price will get it. after that it will be best offer.

PM me your number or email me at kongee @ rogers . com (remove spaces)
and i will call you to schedule a time on sunday.

Located in Toronto.

Thank you.
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