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FS: 19x8.5 +35 Axis Hiro in Anthracite

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19's is pushin it for my gen 3. but i would take them off your hands if u for some un-Godly reason accepted th offer for all the cash in my wallet. lol($300)
I'm located in VA but wanted to say I saw your car pics a while ago and absolutely LOVE those rims. Look great on gray Camry.

Why are you selling them?
selling them because i have new rims and its taking up space. im willing to ship if buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees!
will these fit on 04 camry?
all camrys have the same bolt pattern. 5x114.3.... so yes!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Hi im actually looking for some wheels for my cousin, he has a silver 08' SE, these would look nice! He is also looking into lowering the car, did you have any rubbing issues? And also what tires did you run? We're located in Garden Grove so pretty close :)

Oops forgot to ask if they were still available. lol
bump for some clean wheels, classic look on the gen6. where's Trojan at??
19s on a 6th gen?? damn...did it rub at all? clean wheels!

Hey bro...I need to see some of the high res pics of your ride when these were on it. I just picked up a 08' LE on Friday and it is the same color as yours.
Lemme know.

So hey are these still available to purchase or did you sell them already?
BUMP!!! ive decided to sell these rims so i can get something new! come and get them and remember it is or best offer, i am looking to getting rid of these quickly.

im interested. but price is too expensive and out of my range...
im interested. but price is too expensive and out of my range...

throw me an offer. it is OBO (or best offer)

worst i can do is say no thanks :)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts