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NAME: Andrew A.
PHONE NUMBER: 71three-four4NINE-oneZERO9nine (texting, your best option)
EMAIL: [email protected] (emailing, your second-best option)
LOCATION: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.
I am selling most of a DIY big brake kit (BBK) for a 6th gen Camry. 6th gen Camry owners understand the parts I am selling as a Highlander brake upgrade for a Camry. I have everything except for the front rotors. These parts are brand-spankin’-new with the exception of the calipers and caliper brackets. I am selling these because I have just acquired another Subaru Outback and no longer own the Camry these were to go on. Buyer pays shipping. Each price beside it’s item will be the price of that item, firm. Individual prices are far below retail price. Do your own research, do your own math. These are a steal. PM, text, or email me if you have any questions.

- 2x StopTech Sport Slotted Rotor: --------------- $75 per rotor

• one left rear rotor, and one right rear rotor for a 6th gen Toyota Camry (2007-2011)
• rear left manufacturer part #: 126.44144CSL
• rear right manufacturer part #: 126.44144CSR

- 2x Toyota Highlander front brake calipers and caliper brackets: --------------- SOLD

• 2nd gen Toyota Highlander (2007-2013) calipers and caliper brackets
• one left rear caliper and caliper bracket, and one right rear caliper and caliper bracket
• going to say this one more time, the caliper brackets are included with the calipers
• they were recovered from a pick-and-pull parts yard, they are NOT remanufactured
• I was in the midst of cleaning and polishing one of the calipers and caliper brackets,
prepping it for paint. That is why it’s much shinier than the other.

- EBC Brakes Yellowstuff 4000 Series Street and Track Brake Pads: --------------- $100 for the set

• front set of brake pads for a 2nd gen Toyota Highlander (2007-2013)
• manufacture part #: DP41837R

- EBC Brakes Yellowstuff 4000 Series Street and Track Brake Pads: --------------- $75 for the set

• rear set of brake pads for a 6th gen Toyota Camry (2007-2011)
• manufacture part #: DP41793R

- StopTech Stainless Steel Front Brake Line Kit: --------------- SOLD

• a front set of stainless steel braided brake lines for a 6th gen Toyota Camry (2007-2011)
• these do fit the 2nd gen Toyota Highlander (2007-2013) calipers, I opened them and test
fit them myself
• manufacture part #: 950.44015

- StopTech Stainless Steel Rear Brake Line Kit: --------------- SOLD

• a rear set of stainless steel braided brake lines for a 6th gen Toyota Camry (2007-2011)
• manufacture part #: 950.44511

- TEIN S.TECH Lowering Springs: --------------- $100 for the set

• Toyota Solara springs that fit the 6th gen Camry
• less than 3000 miles on them
• 2 inch drop
• SKP08-AUB00

DESCRIPTION (CAR, YEAR, OTHER): Gen 6 Toyota Camry, 2009, Sports Edition (SE)


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I completely understood that rule. However, I did not realize I had bumped my thread earlier. If you'll recognize my clean streak before yesterday's error, I totally goofed. My apologies.

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If you haven’t sold your SE yet, I wouldn’t mind some info on that lol...
Haha. Well since it isn't mine to sell, it will be for an up and coming driver in my household. Needless to say it's not for sale, but we have had the car for 5 years, give or take a few months. My dad got the Camry as a daily for himself. A kid gave him a a fender bender in the rear after the first week of ownership. He drove the car for 4 years until I rolled my first Subaru into a tree. I got the Camry March of 2017 and have slowly revived it with a new windshield, new plugs, new coils, new MAP/MAF sensor, new front O2 sensor, fuel pump, timing belt, valve stems and springs, water pump, full synthetic oil changes every 4K miles (Mobile 1), new head light bulbs, a few other things I cannot think of at the moment. A lot of that went away after I let a minor oil leak get the best of me. I've learned my lesson, no need for extra remarks. Motor popped the Friday before TX2K. Chassis has 157K, "new" motor has 113K. My mom broke the driver's side visor so there isn't one, since no one wanted to pay $70+ for another one. And the driver's side door lock actuator is broken, so manually opening your door is a must. Car received lowering springs mid-January of 2018 and saw about 3K miles lowered on Tein Solara springs. It's back on OEM springs and KYB's with unkown mileage, though not blown. NEEDS tires, and the brakes could use an update. Hence why I bought all of the above. The cross-drilled and slotted rotors on it now have been on it for as long as 4 years - at least! I saw this opportunity to take care of it all at once. Fluid, lines, rotors, pads, calipers if possible. I threw some temporary pads on it and saved up. Found out about the Highlander brake conversion. Bought all the stuff you see for sale in February on backorder. Received most of my order a week before this thread went up (after my parents took the car back from me). I'm still waiting on the front rotors to be shipped out to me. More stuff about the car in my car bio/garage.
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