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Very sad to say, my trusty old friend Rosie is finally dead. Maybe someone wants to revive her? Otherwise she's got a lot of good parts, in particular her body which is rust free, since she was a well taken care of Western car (B.C. Canada).
She needs serious work but since she's the less common (and slightly sexy)
2 dr, and rust free, I'm listing here in hopes someone wants to put in the work, but if anyone feels this should be listed in parts let me know (or feel free to move), apologies from a Newbie.

(265000 KMS) Needs head gasket + rad, tranny excellent (super-smooth shifting), Fr+RR brakes (pads + rotors) within last yr, AC perfect, paint faded but ZERO rust on body, alloys and steelies (keeping tires but have set summers maybe passable). My mechanic cleaned engine to diagnose head gasket =failed distributor due to moisture, so no longer running.
$500 OBO.
I'm in Ottawa, Can. If no interest in coming days, I'd be happy to sell (+ship some) parts.
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