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Location: Northwest Dallas TX. (my home is 5hrs south, but I am going to Dallas with title in hand)
Email: [email protected]
First a minor deer incident (at 15mph) on my way home from Iowa that cracked the radiator. So I towed it to Dallas on a flatbed for $500, and kept it in parents garage.
Then October's EF-3 tornado goes up our street in Dallas and kills the house but leaves the attached garage that the Previa is in intact.
So life's little upsets allow me no time, no place, no electricity and no opportunity to fix our otherwise great running family car. I will either sell it in the next two days, donate it or sell for scrap. Here is a link to more details and pictures I have posted at

URGENT For Sale 95 Previa LE SC 2WD in Dallas TX

Everything worked well before the deer bump, (Cruise, all pwr, AC, captains chairs, sun/moon roof, etc.), only minor front end damage, no oil consumption, and nothing scavenged from it - YET!
I would rather our Golden Egg go to a previa enthusiast rather than the crusher.
Asking $1500 or best offer over $500.
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This is what I posted at

Our meticulously maintained super family van needs a new home, VERY QUICKLY OR IT WILL BE LOST.
On way home to south east Texas from Iowa I was pulling out from a Walmart parking lot about 9pm in Oklahoma going about 15 mph when a deer hit me right between the eyes (headlights). It went over bumper and just dented in the hood enuf to crack the radiator with fan damage, no airbag deploy, no cowl damage, no windshield damage and it looks like no fender damage. I drove 500 feet to a hotel while the radiator sill had some fluid. It looked easily repairable so the next day I towed to Dallas ($500 flatbed transport) where I left it in my parents garage waiting for me to fix. The deer is our Golden Egg's only accident.

In October, some tornadoes ripped thru Dallas. But the worst one (EF-3) went right up our street. The attached garage (over our Golden Egg) is intact, but the house was damaged severely and is being rebuilt. Repairs are finally getting serious and the house has mostly been cleared but our dear Golden Egg must go as there is no space, no time and no power at the house available for her care.
Wondering if anyone would be interested. I am trying to include pictures here. If I don’t succeed, message me and I will try to get you some. I am going to Dallas today to disposition the Previa, one way or another IN THE NEXT TWO DAYS.

Location: North East Dallas, TX

I purchased it from original owner with 47k miles. Now has ~220k miles. I am bringing the Clear Title with me.

Gold ext, Greige int. both original, Sun/Moon roofs, captain’s chairs in mid position, front seats protected with genuine sheep skin covers, all seats in good condition, all power, cruise, ABS, 4 wheel disk, manufacture date May 95.

Maintenance: Mobil 1 and genuine Toyota parts since I have had it. Regular Lucas upper cyl gas treatment. S/C oil level kept up. Parts replaced on my watch: Genuine Toyota Previa alloy wheels (lighter and better than original swirl alloys), alternator, AC compressor, AC evaporator core (front), AC expansion valve (front), rear blower fans, fuel pump relay, ECU, all shocks (twice), S/C manifold boot, SADS couplings (genuine Toyota kit 04374-28011 from dealer, ~$215 part kit, not aftermarket), sliding and driver door handles, all sliding door roller assemblies, power mirrors, wiper arms, EGR valve, injectors (set of 4), distributor, ign wires, spark plug tube seals, head oil recovery tube seal, windshield, front disks, roll bar bushings and links, drive shaft U-joints, cruise control actuator, clock-spring/turn signal cluster, steering shaft cover housing (2 piece), catalytic converter (secondary), ox sensors (both), main water hoses as well as water heater hoses, water pump, captain’s chair actuation handles, … There are additional items which escape me at this time as well as the routine and/or frequent tune up items like caps, rotors, spark plugs, fluids, T-stat, filters, belts, trim fasteners, lights, seals, etc. 95 Toyota shop manual and electrical diagram manual both go with the van.

If you are interested, speed is of the essence.

Our Golden Egg had to be reliable as it is my wife’s car so it was well maintained. All service was consistently performed by only one reliable NASA propulsion/robotics engineer as with my other 4 Previas. Tires are well used Michelin Defenders, no longer available in Previa size.

Everything was working fine “pre-deer” and nothing has been stripped from the car (yet). Our Golden Egg would smoothly cruise at 75 all day long and was equally comfortable in stop and go traffic. Effective SC boost, shifting is smooth, no oil burning, no overheating, and valve clearances were kept adjusted. Always passed yearly state emission testing with exceptional margin. However, this year she becomes a classic (25 year from manufacture date) and will no longer be required to pass Texas emissions test, only safety check. She has been sitting in the garage and inspection/registration has lapsed, Small oil leakage is evident at the front and rear main oil seals (spots on ground where parked) but does not require adding between oil changes.
I would like to get $1500 but will consider any offer. I just don’t want it going to the crusher and would rather it go to a fellow Previa enthusiast.
More pictures:
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:( OK, starting to strip for parts in the morning before disposal.
Anyone have any requests for reasonably small sized items. Sad that the engine, transmission, drive train are all great but too extensive an effort for me. I may pull the SADs shaft as it is in great shape, precision aligned and balanced with relatively new genuine toyota flex couplings that are tight.
Let me know.
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