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I am selling my 1986 Corolla GTS (this is AE86 sold in America) for $10,000. Serious inquiries only, message if interested.

Some photos of my car here:[email protected]/10917875606/in/photostream/

General Info
-101,000 miles
-Color: Blue
-3 door liftback (hatchback)
-5 speed manual
-Original interior upholstery
-Original paint job
-Original rims
-(Essentially everything is original, no modifications)

Work performed on the vehicle:
-New front and rear struts
-New gaskets (all but head gasket replaced in the past year)
-New spark plugs replaced in the last year
-New alternator
-New outer tie rod ends
-Majority of the hoses were replaced (still have originals as backup)
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