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Like the title says, offers are welcome but cash is king
In Van Nuys, Ca. Im not willing to ship unless you pay for it...small items 1 lbs or less can be shipped for about $2- $10 after 1 lbs its can be $20 +, i use priority from usps -

[email protected]

My first post here on toyota nation ,but im a regular to club4ag -

text me at 818 814 64 nine one or email - [email protected] , thanks guys/gals - Ben
Help me get to my next project, lost my previous build to legal shit because of the land owner
thanks guys, and dont be afraid to offer me something different than what is posted as long as its reasonable, Ive been in the 4ag community for years, this was my 4th corolla

all the trim is off a 86 kouki coupe in black with a high comp engine with a blue top and all egr stuff for smog

20 obo does not have metal ring base

20 obo

10 obo

If you forget what engine you have you can always get this fwd 4ag cam/timing belt cover 15 obo

need smog lines for that aw11 ?? 10 obo

deliver that fuel to the engine to intake ports with this all aluminum fuel rail featuring a fuel pressure regulator - 20 obo

need a aw11 intake manifold? got one for you for 1 easy payments of 29.99!! obo

ae86 ignitor/coil 100 obo , big port blue top injectors 60 obo

side view mirrors set - 60

ae86 kouki usdm in (red) front grill 25

ae86 front and rear seats black sr5 - front set 60 obo - rear set 60 obo

ae86 coupe rear carpet tie down - 10

ae86 head blue top (big port) and ae92 block($800 obo block and head only) (high comp 10.5-1 ) -1200 obo dont be afraid to offer me something different
new head gasket and head bolts, new water pump , new timing belt and tensioner,cam seals, crank front seal, rear main, valve cover gasket, (felpro head set) rwd intake manifold and gaskets , valve stem seals, new bypass hose and orings (20 obo) , ae92 injectors 213cc ($90 obo) , ae86 gts engine harness with ae92 injector pigtails already soldered in (180 obo), ae86 ecu (60 obo ), ignitor/coil (160 obo), resistor (40 obo) , distributor (140 obo) , alternator 70a mr2 (90 obo), obx r stainless steel header(170 obo), egr lines (100 obo) and vacuum, rwd water lines (80 obo) , will separate stuff , just needs pulleys (has fwd ae92 crank pulley) , oil cooler

ae86 used rear shock kyb gas a just - 25 obo

ae86 a pillar sr5 black trim - 50 obo

ae86 b pillar sr5 black trim - 50 obo

ae86headliner trim sr5 black - 60 obo

ae86 c pillar trim sr5 black - 60 obo

ae86 door sill trim - 40 obo

ae86 glove compartment sr5 black with bracket - 40 obo

ae86 under steering column speaker housing sr5 black - 40 obo

ae86 driver side kick panel sr5 black - 30 obo

ae86 right passenger kick panel sr5 black - 20 obo

ae86 door jam trim black sr5- 50

ae86 roof liner panel black sr5- 15 one broke i can use black epoxy to fix it but its all on you

ae86 speaker cover sr5 black - 50 obo

ae86 gauge cluster trim sr5 black - 30 obo

ae86 third brake light coupe - 30 obo

ae86 headlight bezels- l and r - 40 obo

(2) 1 inch wheel spacers 40 obo 4x114.3 - 4x4.5

ae86 ac console trim - 30 obo

ae86 fuel door (red) - 40 obo

ae86 transmission cltuch fork boot - 10 obo

ae86 sr5 steering wheel black - 25 obo

ae86 coupe trunk light - 10 obo

ae86 license plate garnish kouki - 40 obo

ae86 front signal lights - 30 obo ( ones side is missing threaded stud )

ae86 coupe black passenger seat belt - 30 obo

ae86 coupe black rear seat belt - driver side is complete, 30obo , passenger is missing belt retracter its just the buckle - 20 obo

ae101 93 ecu silvertop 20v - 100 ob

wheel well covers 25 obo, sun visors 15 obo ,

ae86 domelight cover - 10 obo

light switch 10 obo - wiper 10 obo

rear side markers 25 obo

obx r stainless steel headers- 170 obo new not used only mounted

t50 trans cross member - 30 obo

Head light assembly - left 50 obo - right 50 obo

ae92 fuse box - 100000000 obo

used headlights - 10 obo

headlight housing for 9003 headlight - 20 obo

1990 ae92 gts distributor - 100 obo

rear tail light left - one crack -30 obo

ae92 high comp ecu -160 obo

ae86 big port head no valves or springs will need machining - 30 obo

ae86 valve covers - 30 obo

red ae86 hood - 80 obo

light blue trunk (decals were sanded off for some reason) - 40 obo

4ag 4ag rwd flywheel - 50 obo
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