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FS: AE86 SR5 and Cressida

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Ae86 Sr5 Hatchback

-150xxx on Original Engine (Single Cam)
-Manual Trans
-Bone stock
-Replcace all fluids
-Brand new alternator
-New all season tires on a Hyundai alloy rims :p
-Little rust spot on the bottom


1990 Cressida

-118xxx on original engine (Twin Cams)
-Auto Trans
-Power everything

leave me a price for what car u want ill reply and any more question jus email me at [email protected]

ae86 = $2500
cressida = $3000

located at keele and eglinton in canadian tire
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Pictures to

hajoca at HOTMAIL o COM

I am interested in the condition of the vehicle and

Do not want to insult you with lowball price.
Pics and price of the SR5, please.

gooodwin @
the people

guys i dunt really check my msg in here so pls do me a favor and email me in my account at [email protected]. i cant get to this site at work they must have put a lock on it on something (Boooooooo) so pls email me at my account thnx.....

Woah.. pics of the Cressida please! :yikes:

BTW AS per rules you need to update your post to include

both cars please on the pics. thank you. thank you.
both cars please on the pics. thank you. thank you.
BTW.. he's in Toronto, Canada. :)
it's cool I travel for business and will be in the area of the northern midwest and northeast for the next several months. I am only really home about 20 weeks a year
Message sent, to your Hotmail.
From: Toronto East, Pharmacy and Eglington

1988 RX7 GXL. FC-S4
(For sale)

!!!the Cars Are Still For Sale!!!
This is the photo that he sent me. I don't agree with the price eigther, but it is not my car to sell.
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it's the lumpy fender flare and patchy paint that threw me off. Your right, also our choice on what to buy.

Looks like a nice interior though, red or brown on tan.

What do you guys expect for a 1984... its an aged car but hey i can garantee you that this car has no rust on the bottom of the car. jus recenty had a oil changed...with 150xxx on original engine i think thats pretty awesome for its aged car but im not the expert. but i think i gave my car a fair price...and if u decided to go to kijiji and look for an sr5 that was posted there trust me ud rather pick my car. that one posted on kijiji had more problems like then headlight motor dont even work and rust everwhere and had more mileage. but hey wut do i know and yah thnx for your comments

now for the cressida if ANYONE of you guys are interested go to canadian tire at eglinton and keele see it for urself cause i have no time to get a picture at the moment i will get them no later than sunday...
Crap.. I don't think I can make it there to see the car, is it parked outside? someone take pics for me! :)
Hyundai wheels FTW!!!

is the SR5 origially from Ontario?
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