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2015 Toyota Corolla
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This Sub woofer was custom built to fit a 2015 Toyota Corolla S. It is thought it will bolt in to 2014 and 2015 (L, LE, LE Eco and S) Corollas also. It is possible but not tested to fit others.

Sub woofer enclosure is in like new condition. It fits passenger side behind and partly over the wheel well in trunk.

Saves quite a bit of trunk space compared to regular sub boxes since it fits in an unused recess.

Carpet on enclosure is almost a perfect match to OEM carpet (In my car 2015 S).

Speaking of carpet, the box was glassed with the OEM mat under it. This made it where you can pull the mat out from under
the sub box while it is still mounted in the car. I consider this one of my unintended good features :)

I spent 3 months working on this box. It proves being patient makes good results.

There are at least 7 layers of fiberglass laid on this box.

There is no port - this is a sealed box.

I think I could stand on this thing & it wouldn't budge.

Sub woofer is secured to wall of trunk with a toggle bolt (not included) that goes through an existing hole in trunk. The hole is covered with a plastic snap in piece in OEM car.

There is one small hole drilled that the speaker wire comes through on the back of the box. The only other hole is the one that the toggle bolt is supposed to go through. That one is strengthened with a small rectangular piece of metal with a hole through it.

Also included in this listing is a JL Audio W0v3 sub woofer. This item is in very good condition & works great.

$199 With $20 flat shipping & accept Paypal for payment.

Thanks for looking!

You can check my seller history in the above link.


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