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Sell it to TN Brothers and Sisters for little less than I have in it and less than listed. I will link the ad I have up at Virginia Gun Dealer for detailed info and pics.

Components and price I paid (No gouge prices all fair market prices)

Noveske MUR Upper Receiver Chainsaw $269
Rainier Arms (mid system) ULTRA MATCH 18" 1/8 Barrel $370
Daniel Defense Omega Rail 12" Free Float $420
Rainier arms Low Profile Gas block with Mid length tube $60
BCG (Bolt Carrier Group) Complete $189
PRI Gas Buster Charging Handle $90

Standard Flash hider, since I figure this is a preference item for owner, it is only hand tight.

It is assembled

$1398 + however much I was hit for shipping lol
Most of these parts are very hard to come buy still, the Noveske Upper and Ultra Match Barrel are still unavailable. These are great high quality parts.

Asking $1300 Shipped with Friend/Family Paypal payment

I just have too many guns, this upper has never been fired.

If interested let me know, heres the ad if you want to know more about components.
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