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FS: hks vpc and gcc

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I've got a hks vpc and gcc that i am looking to sell.....make an offer....if you have any questions my email address is [email protected]....
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What does this include? Just the units? The sensors? Harnesses (if so for which year of Mk3?)
just the units, i need the sensors for standalone, and it's in an eclipse so i don't think the harness will do you any good, but it's not hard to make that harness up if u don't mind splicing some wires........
Plug&Play Harnesses are always better than chopping an ECU Wiring Harness.

I've already got a VPC, so I just thought I'd ask.
STill have the head unit? $250 for unit alone?
can't do that man i've got a guy offering way more than that already for the vpc, unless ur talking about the gcc....
Are you kidding me? That's insane! I paid $280 for my VPC which includes a harness! Someone's gettin' ripped off.
nah man i'm dead serious.....
Well then, to re-iterate:
Someone's gettin' ripped off.
if you aren't interested then don't say anything b/c i'm not ripping anyone off, they came to me and made an offer i'm just seeing if someone else will beat let me reiterate....if u aren't interested, don't say shit.....
So I felt like informing the general public that the price was over-inflated.

Deal with it.
maybe u should follow ur own link to ebay and see what the going prices are......
The price is the price. If someone is willing to pay that for a VPC, then all the power to the seller, and the buyer as they clearly believe they are worth that price. If people think it's too much, the price will drop, or he will have a paperweight/spare part. It's that simple. If there are less expensive options, and someone complains that they paid too much, perhaps they should have gotten off the old ass and searched around a little...lazyness has a price too...

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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