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We have been cleaning out our stockrooms and have come across the following. All prices are in US $ and ships from De Land, FL and Long Island, NY. We have multple copies of all item.


* Note: All DVDs unless otherwise stated are Region 3 (Southeast Asia and East Asia Hong Kong) and can not be played on most US/Canadian DVD players, unless you have an all region DVD. This DVDs can be played on computers with a DVD drive since majority of the software out there allow for you to play DVD from other regions.

Inital D Third Stage
- $14.95

Inital D Extra Stage
- $14.95


ChoroQ: Set of 3 ChoroQ WRC Racing Toyota Team
These are pullback-and-go cars that are made by Takara circa 2001. They come boxed together featuring the "Toyota Challenge" rally cars showcasing the following 3 cars fm 1983-1995 World Rally Championships:
1. A70 Supra Turbo 1983~1988
2. ST165 Celica GT-Four 1988~1991
3. ST185 Celica Turbo 4WD 1992~1995
- $32.95

RC bB/xB Open Deck BitChar-G
This is a fully fuctional mini radio controlled car by Tomy Japan. It uses a quick burst charging sysytem that allows for 2 mins of running with each charge. You can customize the look of your RC to make it your own.
- $39.95

AE-86 Sprinter Tureno BitChar-G
This car is made by Tomy and features pullback action fun. The body can also fit on any other Tomy BitChar-G RC chasis to give you even more flexabilty.
- $8.95

Celica BitChar-G Body 2-Pack
These are the current Celica bodies in Red and Transparent to add more option to your BitChar-G collection and style. They can be paint to give it a unquie and personal look. The body can also fit on any other Tomy BitChar-G RC chasis to give you even more flexabilty.
- $7.95
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