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I returned my leased 2010 Camry and got a 2012 Camry which requires different Kuda mount, so I'm selling this handcrafted, custom made real leather Kuda Base mount for iPhone, Android, cell phones, hands free car kits, iPods, PDA, GPS, XM satellite radio. Basically, it can be used for anything. You will need to add this swivel mount for any of your cradles. You'll see the swivel in my pictures, but I'm keeping it for my new Kuda mount.

$50 shipped. The cost of the new one from Kuda is $72.20

Note: only car mount and the installation instruction, does not include a swivel and a device holder (cradle). The are four small holes in the mount from screws used to attach the swivel. When you add your swivel, you will just screw the screws in those holes.

I love this mount which is very well made in Germany, and amazingly mimics the pebbling and color of the interior. It's rock solid and doesn't move. You can also hide the usb cable in it. It does not interfere with any of the buttons nor causes any damage to the dash. I'm including some high quality pictures. The rest of the pictures can be seen here. The last two pictures show how it is attached to the dash.

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