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2014 Camry SE
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NAME: Dustin Duvall
EMAIL: dustinduvall at gmail dot com

Selling this stuff only because we sold our Camry and bought a minivan. Yay me. :-(

ITEM: Pioneer AVH-4000NEX w/7th gen Camry steering wheel harness and radio bezel.
PRICE: $200 plus shipping
DESCRIPTION: Works perfect. The only thing worth noting is, I had the bluetooth microphone bracket double sided taped to the driver's A-Pillar. It broke on removal, so you'll need to acquire a new one, which can't cost more than a few dollars. The bluetooth mic itself is fine. Comes with everything you see in the picture. Neoprene face plate case. The harness is literally plug and play and your steering wheel controls should work if you have a 7th generation Camry without JBL and Navigation. I cannot confirm if it will work otherwise. All leads are soldered and I also installed a defeat device to allow play of DVD while moving. Again, 100% plug and play. No wires to tap into, etc. Also comes with the 7th gen Camry radio bezel as well.

ITEM: CDT 2-way Component Set. Consists of the MX-2 Tweeters, MX-69S 6x9, and the MX-1000SX Crossover Networks.
PRICE: $200 plus shipping
DESCRIPTION: Works and sounds fantastic. One of the best sounding set-ups I've ran in some time. 6x9's and crossovers are flawless. One defect I noticed when taking out of the car, is one of the tweeter speaker terminal boards is cracked. Does NOT affect sound, can most likely glue board against frame of tweeter and will be fine. Worst case, you can send to CDT for repair/replacement. Picture of broken speaker board is in pic below. I paid over $500 for these items. 6x9's will include front door adaptors for the 7th generation Camry.

ITEM: Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 4-Channel Amp w/brand new 8 AWG RF Amp Kit
PRICE: $100 plus shipping
DESCRIPTION: Amp works perfect and it is tiny. Powered my CDT speakers with PLENTY of power. Spec sheet for this specific amp was tested at 86 watts per channel.

ITEM: CDT Audio MX-6X 2-way 6 1/2' Coaxial Speakers
PRICE: $60 plus shipping
DESCRIPTION: Great sounding speakers that work perfect. Comes with rear 7th generation Camry adapters for free if you want them.
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