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Just cleaning up my stash of junk that i plan on putting on ebay.

Nokia 8390. Unlocked. Great condition. Have a 8910i silver faceplate conversion. Great phone. Used it as a back up.

Nokia 6200. Will work an ANY network in the North America. Color screen, speaker phone, radio. Box and everything. 2 extra faceplates. Holder .

PC133/100/66 256MB its Pc133 low density which means its 100% backwards compitable with any SD ram.

HP 4x CD burner

AMD irongate motherboard and 850 Althon CPU slot A i think it is.

Samsung S105 battery

Old HP printer, works but no ink.

Nokia 3650, Smart phone. All the good stuff.

I won't set any prices because I will accept any reasonable offer. I don't want this stuff nor do i even use it. Most of this stuff has been in a big huge box for aleast 4 months.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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