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NAME: Josh
PHONE NUMBER: 925/726.4257 Text is best because my service up here isn't great.
EMAIL: [email protected]
LOCATION: Sonora, CA 95370
PAYMENT PREFERENCE: Venmo, Paypal, Credit Card through my shop
ITEM: For sale is anything you can decide you want off this car. I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to old Toyotas and I would hate to see a part go to the trash when it can be given a second chance on someone else's car.
Front Bumper 60
Rear Bumper 60
Hood 50
Doors 75ea
Seats 50 for the pair
Suspension Parts ?
Headlight motors 40ea
Interior pieces ?
Cluster 20

**Important note** I'm willing to trade for a downpipe for a 3.4 Tacoma/4Runner or brown/tan interior pieces for a 1986.5-1987 Supra.

**Also important** I can ship. I'm willing to try shipping anything, but I ship ten or more packages a day of little boxes. I can ship little boxes no problem. 12"x12"x6" isn't too big.

PRICE: I'm getting prices off a junkyard scroller. If you don't like the price, shoot me an offer. Believe me, my feelings won't be hurt.
DESCRIPTION (CAR, YEAR, OTHER): I believe the car to be a 1989 Supra. It MIGHT be a 1988.
It's missing the Targa top and the back hatch glass (broken out). Otherwise, in fairly complete condition.


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