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Turbo Kit

This Turbo Kit was purchased from and is made for a 03-08 Toyota Corolla, Celica, Matrix (1zz-fe engines). It comes with everything that is needed to install it*. It is in proper working condition. It retails for about $3.3k.

Asking Price: $2.4K

Location: Houston, TX

For Pick up or Shipping. Paypal or cash

Part list:

• Custom Spec'd T28 Turbocharger
• High SILMoly Ductile Iron Cast 4-1 Manifold
• 3" Stainless Mandrel Bent Downpipe
• 2"-2.5" Polished Aluminum Charge Piping
• Polished Front Mount IC (6.25"x18"x3.5")
• Forge Silver Billet BOV
• K&N Air Filter*
• (4) 440cc Injectors (Factory Clip Drop In!)
• AEM FIC Fuel Injector Controller
o Includes Base Map
o Includes Tuned Map
• AEM FIC Wire In Harness (Plug n Play)
• Stainless Braided Oil/Water Feed Lines
• Stainless Braided Oil/Water Return Lines*
• Black Silicone Intercooler Couplers
• Stainless T-Bolt Clamps
• All Hardware & Fittings for Install
• Step-by-Step Install Instructions

* There might be a pipe coupling missing, and the oil lines might have to be replaced (depending on your install/fitment). Also, it does not come with an Air Filter.

Custom Spec'd T28 Turbocharger had a custom spec'd journal bearing turbo engineered specifically for the 1ZZ and 2ZZ applications. The T28 is both oil lubricated and water cooled and can support 300 + WHP while providing great throttle response and spool characteristics.

Cast 4 into 1 Turbo Manifold
Constructed of High SILMoly Ductile cast iron, our high flow 4 into 1 turbo exhaust manifold allows for proper heat expansion to resist cracking and warping. The durable 1/2" thick head flange, combined with the supplied steel studs, washers and nuts, insures a tight manifold seal.

3" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Downpipe w/ Flex Section
Our fully polished stainless steel down pipe is constructed of large diameter piping for optimum exhaust flow and HP gains. An auxiliary bung is added to the down pipe to ease the install of a wideband air/fuel ratio gauge sensor.

Air to Air Front Mount Intercooler
Fully polished from end to end, our beautifully crafted bar and plate high density front mount intercooler measures 6.25"� X 18"� X 3.5"� (not including the cast end tanks) and fits perfectly behind the stock front bumper cover. The mounting hardware and brackets are included for ease of installation.

Mandrel Bent Polished Lightweight Aluminum Piping
Jigged for exact fit, the lightweight piping is constructed of 6061 aluminum and then polished to perfection. Each pipe is finished with a machine bead roll for a secure clamp on the couplers. A 2.5"� blow through MAF pipe is included.

Re-enforced Black Silicone Couplers w/ T-Bolt Clamps
All couplers and reducer couplers are constructed of 100% re-enforced multi-layer silicone. The necessary stainless steel T-Bolt clamps are included for a complete install and secure clamping.

AEM FIC - Fuel & Ignition Controller w/ Base Map & Tuned Map
Fuel and ignition control is critical for the optimum reliability and performance of your turbo Celica. The AEM utilizes a built in 3 bar MAP sensor for precise boost based tuning, a true advantage over TPS or MAF voltage based management systems. Smooth off-boost drive-ability is retained with the FIC due to MAF and 02 sensor voltage alteration in separate maps. With proper tuning, the OEM management system is completely eliminated from the equation.

440cc Denso Injectors includes drop in, factory clip, high flow injectors to eliminate the need for soldering, splicing, or cutting! 550cc or 700cc injectors are also available to meet most HP goals (additional $100 for 700cc).

Forge Blow Off Valve
Because the kit vents to atmosphere, the Forge Billet BOV was chosen for its great sounding, compact design. The dual piston configuration requires little to no maintenance and eliminates the longevity issues plaguing diaphragm style valves.

K&N Air Filter
Airborn contaminates can shorten your engine life. chose to include a K&N filter because of superior air filtration and flow characteristics.

Oil & Water Lines & Fittings
Proper lubrication and cooling is critical to turbo longevity. All fittings, stainless steel braided lines, and hardware are included for complete turbo oil and coolant plumbing.


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