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Got up for sale my Toyota Levin that I imported from Japan.

- Engine: 4AGE Silvertop 20Valve, 4Cylinder, 1.6L DOHC
- Mileage: 137000 Kms
- HP: 160
- Transmission: 5 Speed Manual (FF)
- Front Fog Lights
- Rear Wiper
- Rear Spoiler
- Power Windows
- Power Locks
- Power Folding Mirrors
- A/C
- Kenwood CD Player
- Super Strut Suspension
- Performance 15" Wheels (P1 Racing)
- MOMO Steering Wheel
- HKS Exhaust System

I am asking $7000 for this vehicle.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Thats not true you guys have a bunch of cars that arent even street legal in Canada, i.e. Skylines, used to be evo's but the EVO X is in Canada now so...
off topic, but skylines? they're legal as long as they're 15 years old...and i can guarantee you that there are more skylines in canada than in the US, though they have some R34's and the odd R33. we're just gettin the R33's now, but still...i'd rather have an EVO IX before an EVO X anyways...but yeah

kick ass corolla anyways...toss me 1500 and that car and i'll give you my skyline:naughty:

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well yeah i ment the R34's, my buddy is in love with those things. I forget that the R32's have been around for a while but ive never seen a R33/34 driving around here so.... but yeah definatly id rather have a IX, the X is kind of narrow but tall, i like how the IX has a bit more width to it, its just that canada finally has a street legal evo, unles the 15 year old this applie to it too.
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