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FS: TRD OR 16 inch Wheels and Tires

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I was wondering if there was any interest in my stock TRD Off road 16's with the BFG rugged trail TA's. They have just over 4000 miles on them.

I was thinking 400 bucks for all 4, local pickup. I am just sw of Ft Worth Texas. I could meet anyone around the Dallas Ft worth area with them on the weekends.

I need to mention that the wheels will be minus the valve stems since I have to use them with the new wheels for the low tire pressure warning system.

The tires have never had any puncture at all, almost like new.

Ill take offers as well!
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how much you looking to get?? and theres no way of shipping??
Got a pic?

I am up in WF...
Got my sisters wedding this weekend, Ill get some pics of them asap. I could ship them but its going to add to the cost. I am looking to get 300 to 400 for the set.
It's okay. I am still waiting for my check from the insurance company.
Took some pics of them tonight when I got in, here they are:

Sorry, I don't know why they are kinda blurry. Might be time for a new camera.
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are the trd tires and rims still up for sale?
Sorry sold them this past weekend.
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