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Let me just start by saying that I already have a 2IS and another IS300 project here so I am not going anywhere just because I am selling my car. I really hate to sell it but the roads around here are awful and I don't get to enjoy this vehicle like I should. Its set up to be the perfect sport compact in every aspect: power, handling, audio/video, styling, and its a very comfortable car to drive but unfortunately it just sits under a cover in our shop because I have like 6 cars right now so it just does not make sense to keep it.

Basic Info:

Year: 2002
Color: IBP
Trans: Manual
Miles: 50K

This car has a ridiculous amount of time and money tied up in it. Since 2005 when we started showing it the car has won Best in Show or Best in Class at EVERY national show it has been in. when you see this car in person it becomes very apparrent the amount of quality work that has gone into it. The car has over 20 trophies, they are so big I have to basically dedicate a trophy room in our shop just for the IS300

I will add more info later on but the complete modlist can be seen here:

The car is making a very streetable 300rwhp at 7lbs of boost, approx 400rwhp at 14lbs. Its a fresh GE with a custom T3/4 Turbonetics kit, Unichip ECU (w/ Black Box), all polished piping, every removable part has been powdercoated, the engine bay is cherry and the car runs very smooth and it is reliable.

The Audio/Video has been a work in progress since I bought the car but the result is a very well performing system with all high quality components and lots of custom fiberglass work.

Kicker S15L7 Solobaric Subwoofer
Kicker KX600.1 Mono Amp
Kicker KX600.4 Amp
Breaker Fuse Disconnect
SoundStream 5 Farad Capacitor
Rearview Color Video Camera
Glovebox Mounted Playstation 2
Dash Mounted 6” LCD
Ceiling Mounted 7” LCD
Trunk Mounted 7” LCD
Alpine Type-S 6.5” Components
Alpine Type-S 6.5” 2 Ways
Alpine Type-S 6x9” Door Speakers
Alpine Type-S 6x9” Rear Dash Speakers
Kenwood DV4100 DVD Navigation
Kenwood Excelon DDX-8017

The interior was originally tan but we swapped it out with the interior out of a new (at the time) Sportdesign Black Leather w/ Piping. The interior has a total of about 10K Miles on use, still smells like a new car! Lots of goodies in the interior, one-off Carbon Fiber B-Pillars, BRIDE Seats, Roll Cage, CCFL Illumination, Custom Painted Dash, Etc.

Exterior is set up with Carson Bumper, and authentic D-Speed Falcon side skirts and rear bumper. Painted CF hood and trunk are nice accents and the GGP roof compliments it well and "flows" nicely. Custom made CF Diffuser and real APR F1 Mirrors add to the aggressive look. The Headlights and Taillights do not come with the car. I am sorry, I don't know what I am going to do with them but I cant part with these lights. I will install brand new OEM headlights and taillights for the listed price.

Here is an old thread with wallpapers:

The car was a featured vehicle for several HINs

It was also the poster car for the Hot Import Night "VIP Auto-Fashion" for the entire season and was used in all the print advertising and flyers:

Most recently it had a 5 page spread in S3:

Its also been used in just about every AAC ad since 2004:


I am asking $29,500 and that price does not include the headlights, taillights, or the wheels. All stock parts will be put in their place.

Random pictures:

Really short dyno video: YouTube - Lexus IS300 Turbo Dyno Video (yeah, it nearly launches off the dyno)

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wow good luck with the sale that is one niiice is
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