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FS - Unfinished Satoshi

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For Sale - One pain in the ass unfinished Satoshi

I'm tired of the bondo dust and smells of chemicals filling my garage, I'm done doing these things. My frustration is your gain.

This is a 2 piece grille, the front piece has stayed in the box the entire time I've been working on the other piece and looks new. The mesh is small hexagonal mesh from

The fiberglassing is done and the majority of the bondo work. Needs additional sanding and probably some spot work done with a little bondo. I just can't get this thing smoothed out and am tired of looking at the damn thing. Time for me to move onto another series of projects.

$190 gets it shipped to your door. Paypal only.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns just let me know.
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