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Hey everyone,

I have a Xbox for sale. This is the complete unit/console. I say like new because the plastic wraped that your suppose to peel off before use it still on there.

I only used this system like 3 times to play halo and time spliter. Then i Never had the time to really use it again. Bought this unit at spur of the moment and didn't think about it before hand.

This is what im including:

1. Xbox Console with all wires (power and A/V cables)
2. Oem Controller that came with the console
3. Brand new Never used OEM Controller in blue (but did take it out of the packaging)
4. Brand New Aftermarket Controller with Halo 2 Demo Disc
5. Halo the Game
6. Splinter Cell Game
7. Memory Card

All these items look like brand new store bought.

Im Asking only $225.00 USD for everything plus shipping or local pick up. I spent about $350.00 USD on items here. Everything is OEM except for the 1 controller with Halo 2 demo disc.

Please email me at [email protected] for offers and pictures of everything or PM me.

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