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Selling a MKC Stainless Steel Y-Pipe for the 2GR-FE. Disclaimer: "WebDev" was the original composer of this great ad; and with his permission, since I'm selling the identical part in the identical condition and for the identical price, he's been kind enough to give me permission to copy/paste it. My Y-pipe is the current-version release from MKC. It's never been installed and will ship in its original packaging. Please PM me (mapirc) for any inquiries - thank you.

More information on this pipe on MKC's FB post and on TN forums:

This pipe has been known to actually produce 12-16hp gains as evidenced by

This Y-pipe is one of the most effective performance mods one can do to any 2GR-FE vehicle on the Camry chassis, and one of the few truly effective exhaust mods I've seen on an economy car in my years of experience so far. If your goal is bringing your Camry/Avalon/ES350 a little closer to that magic 300bhp mark, this pipe will get you nearly half-way there.

This pipe has never been installed and the box was only opened to take these photographs.

  • 6th Gen (2007-2011) Toyota Camry
  • 7th Gen (2012+) Toyota Camry
  • 3rd Gen (2005-2011) Toyota Avalon
  • 4th Gen (2012+) Toyota Avalon
  • 5th Gen (2007-2011) Lexus ES350
  • 6th Gen (2012+) Lexus ES350
It is possible that this pipe may fit the Rav4, Sienna, and Highlanders equipped with the 2GR-FE as well, but this has not been tested.

MSRP is $589 shipped after a month-long waiting period since they are built to order. Asking $489 shipped with immediate shipment after payment is cleared. $450 for local pickup.

Located in southwest Arizona.


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