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Toyota is reportedly planning to build a sedan based on the FT-86/FR-S compact sports car that has gripped the attention of auto enthusiasts since its debut at the Tokyo Auto Show last year.

According to Australian outlet CarsGuide, the sedan model was planned all along as a way to spread the sports car's development costs across a wider group, while also acting as an insurance policy should one of the models fail to catch on in the marketplace.

And as strange as making a four-door out of a coupe sounds, we should remember that the FT-86 is actually based on a sedan (Subaru Legacy) platform.

The FT-86 Sedan would be one of few rear-drive four-doors in the Toyota/Lexus lineup and would be smaller in size than the Lexus IS models.

As for an engine, it would likely share a powerplant with the coupe, although CarsGuide does suggest that in the future it could use with the Subaru 3.6-liter six-cylinder or a new hybrid boxer engine (Sounds kind of like the FT-CH Concept, doesn't it).

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