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fuel filter help?

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Hey guys,

Ive got an 89 toyota truck 4wd with the 22re. Lately Its been hesitating a bit, and I suspect a clogged fuel filter. Problem is, when I followed the lines, I found that the filter was located underneath the intake manifold, above the starter. I was wondering if any of you guys had replaced a filter in this location, and if so, is it easier to go from the bottom and pull the starter, or remove the intake manifold? or is there an easier way?
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You donot have to remove the starter or the intake to change the fuelfilter. it just looks harder than it really is.
I tried to change mine before I put the body lift on and ended up taking the filter back to the store because I couldn't figure out how to get it off. Now that I have a 3" body lift on the truck I can do it in 15 minutes. I know that doesn't help you as a bl is not an option, but I just thought I'd throw that in. ;)
SO what is the correct way to relieve your fuel lines anyway? to depressurize your lines?

I also have a 3 inch body lift on mine... and its soo easy to get to just reach under the wheel well and there it is....

However it can be done without the lift with tiny hands :)..
Crack the gas cap... Definitely crack the gas cap. It will run fuel for an hour if you don't.
First crack the gas cap:D

Then you'll want to disconnect the fuel lines. A 17mm socket (swivel works best) with a long extension goes from the front of the engine just over the A/C compressor to get the front banjo bolt loose. the rear one can be had with a boxed end wrench by sliding you hand (and a portion of your arm) between the fire wall and the rear of the intake manifold. There are 2 mounting bolts, one on top and one underneath. should take a 12mm wrench unless someone has replaced them then it could be a 13mm. these can both be gotten off from the passenger side with a long extension and a socket.

When you have the filter off. take the new one and cut out the slotted hole so that it can be slipped over the lower mounting bolt the start the lower mounting bolt and slip the filter onto it. Starting that bolt through the filter is probably the hardest single part of the job. Then you can get the top bolt started by using you extension and while you are starting it peer in through the space in the intake manifold above the filter.

This is a challenging procedure and once you have mastered it you graduate to honoary shade tree mechanic second class.

Good luck
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Vicoor said:
When you have the filter off. take the new one and cut out the slotted hole so that it can be slipped over the lower mounting bolt the start the lower mounting bolt and slip the filter onto it. Starting that bolt through the filter is probably the hardest single part of the job.


I wish I had thought of that.
I had the best luck taking the passenger side wheel off and removing the access panel in the fender well and going in from there. It was a lot easier doing it sitting on a stool than leaning inside the engine compartment. It made starting the bolts a lot easier too.
thanks alot guys

I took care of it today, it wasnt as bad as it looked. The access panel def. made the job easier, I didnt even have to take the wheel off to get in there with 3" of lift. thanks especially to vicoor, I definitly didnt expect such a thorough walkthrough, but I degress, the hardest part of it was trying to fit a torque wrench on the rear fuel line :disappoin
Vicoor, man, that is impressive. I have to say that you are one of the most valued people on this forum man.
Holy shnipes. That is the gayest thing I can remember doing on my truck. Took me well over 10 hours to do it. As we some how forgot the orientation of it, and it came on and off numerous times. I didn't even depressurize the system. We undid the lines, it leaked for maybe 30 seconds then stopped. We finally got it on right, then it started to leak fuel. We couldn't get the front line to stop leaking, so we finally double stacked an old crush washer with a new and it stopped. You couldn't pay me to do it again, even though it would be much easier now that I have have accomplished it.

That is the worst design of the entire 22re I'd say. It's in the most retarded spot. It could NOT be on the frame or somewhere more easily accessible. I would have been done within 30 minutes, but my dad didn't approve of mounting it to the fenderwell down lower from the fuse box. :rolleyes:
The gayest thing I ever did on my truck was.....................................oh.......................nevermind..........................
On the 4wd trucks the access panel in the fender well is a blessing. Unfortunately the 2wds don't have that feature.

If you want to try a hard filter to change you should do a '84 vintage celica with a 22re.
I have to thank you folks for the information. I had a hell of a time just figuring out where the darn thing is on my 1989 pickup. I have the haynes manual but it only gets you half way there. With the posts here, I was able to find the thing, then the tip about the access panel in the wheelwell and removing the wheel was also invaluable. I recommend that as the best way in. It took me over two hours I think, after I finally had to come to this forum to get the answers that I needed.
When doing your clutch is a great time to change your fuel filter.
Here's your fuel filter:)
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i have graduated to shade tree mechanic

wanna hire me yet? haha
get a step stool,put a work cloth over the radiator i use an old furniture pad.17mm combination wrench.i have long arms not sure if that matters much.lean over the front end/radiator feel down behind the firewall end of the intake for the fuel filter and mounting bolt and banjo fittings.take the banjo fittings off,try and save the old brass seals i always save them in case.i can change my fuel filter this way in about 5 minutes.i think the mounting bolt was a 12mm,i used a ratchet to get that off and finger to start it back on then tightened with a ratchet.
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