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The fuel filter in my 2004 Toyota Celica GT is located under the rear seat cushions, under a floor service hole cover, under a fuel tank vent plate (with 8 bolts), under various o-rings and gaskets, inside the gas tank and under the fuel pump. Although technically it is a serviceable part (and there is a procedure to replace the fuel filter in the factory manual), it is far from an enjoyable Saturday afternoon tinkering activity. In fact even my local mechanic was a bit wary to tackle the job.

I remember the fuel filter in my 1978 Datsun 280Z was within plain sight and easy reach.

--Do late model cars even require that the gasoline filter be replaced every 60,000 miles like they did in the past?

--Are manufacturers requiring a longer gasoline filter service interval because gasoline is being sold with a higher purity nowadays compared to the past?

--Or was the decision to complicate the filter replacement made by management (not engineers) in order to adhere to the principle of “planned obsolescence” to help the dealerships maintain a regular influx of maintenance work?
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